We’re glad that you love our filming style, and we hope to capture your wedding day! Since we only have a limit to film 25-30 weddings a year, we have limited availability. We absolutely love what we do, and love capturing one of the most important days of peoples lives! We hope to work with you soon.

I cannot gush enough about how much we love our wedding video. Livingstone Productions perfectly captured our special day in a way we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. Every single detail was perfect! They were professional to work with and created an unbeatable product. They worked with our budget and went above and beyond in every regard. Would highly recommend!

– Anna Handy (Bride)

“Livingstone Productions was very prompt and professional when communicating back and forth. Project was treated with great care and the attitude in the entire approach was positive and with a helpful spirit.”

– Moses Lario

“Kali’i’s patients and attention to detail is undeniable. You will always feel comfortable working with Livingstone and the product is top notch. I am always so happy with their delivery.”

– Kimmie Raumen